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Tom Ford Perfume Collection

Starting in 2005, the Tom Ford brand became a reality after several years of the designer’s project. There are several collections of perfumes of the Tom Ford brand that have been very popular worldwide for their great sales. Each launch of this brand has had a concept towards innovation and the genuineness of perfumes under the artisan concept.

Talking about a specific Tom Ford Perfume Collection is quite a difficult subject. Each perfume of this brand has a beautiful appearance that shows men and women that they like the best. The private blend has been considered one of the best Tom Ford collections, and therefore, we will talk about his best perfumes.

The designer Tom Ford created in his laboratory excellent aromas all under the Private Blend collection showing the best. A true perfume expert should know that this collection is made out of the conventional by showing the essence of perfumes. Private Blend is a Tom Ford Perfume Collection that has various personalities in a prestigious aspect.

The price of this collection is more expensive because the ingredients used in home fragrances are of great quality. Knowing in detail the best perfumes in the collection will help you decide on one. The best Private Blend perfumes are:

– Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

It is one of the main fragrances in the Private Blend collection, being a fresh fragrance; but subtle. To buy Costa Azzurra, it is necessary to review the presentations of Designer Perfumes, obtaining a price according to the content of the bottle. Lavender is the main note of this perfume, also combining with oak and vanilla wood to give a fresh atmosphere.

– Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

It is a masculine scent that shows the essence of an elegant man who prevails over what he wants and needs. Its main aroma is focused on leather to provide masculinity, also combined with raspberries for a perfect focus. The Tuscan Leather notes are well crafted with thyme, amber, saffron, jasmine, raspberry, and leather.

– Tom Ford Oud Wood

The Tom Ford Perfume Collection by Private Blend has the best scents for people with class. The oud is an element to distill the best perfumes, and its aroma has moist wood for a better combination. Oud Wood notes you combine with rose, pepper brought from China and cardamom to give higher notes.

In a less concentrated approach, the perfume contains Ous, vetiver, and Sandalwood to provide a perfect mix of perfectly combined aromas.

– Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

For this perfume, the designer Tom Ford took inspiration from the blue waters of Italy, creating a unique perfume. Neroli Portofino contains both neroli and ingredients such as lavender, bergamot, and also citrus aromas to give a soft scent of freedom. At Designer Perfumes, you can find this aroma in 50 and 100-milliliter presentations at a much lower price.

There are other fragrances from the Tom Ford Perfume Collection Private Blend that are available at Designer Perfumes. Please choose any of the Tom Ford fragrances and receive them at lower prices taking advantage of discounts on some fragrances.

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