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Tom Ford Perfume 2020

Who is this designer capable of relaunching two fashion giants like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and creating his brand?

Tom Ford was born in Austin, Texas, in 1962 and always showed great interest in art and interior design. From a very young age, his parents encouraged him to develop his artistic concerns, which, later, would have a great influence on his designs.

Two members of his family were his first fashion references. His chic and classic mother taught him that dressing badly was disrespectful to other people. This concept made the designer always worry about his appearance, and, at twelve years old, he already had his first pair of Gucci loafers. His paternal grandmother, on the other hand, was “stylish in a very Texan way: everything big and striking.” Later, the designer would combine these two styles with leading Gucci to its golden age.

In 1979 Tom Ford began his studies in Art History at New York University, where he discovered the legendary Club Studio 54 and where he met pop artist Andy Warhol. Soon after, Ford drops out of college and, throughout the year, attends parties and appears as a model in different television commercials.

Sometime later, he enrolls at the Parsons School of Design in New York to study architecture and interior design. Later he moved to the Parsons School in Paris to continue his studies, but, at the end of the course, he discovered his true vocation: fashion. Therefore, after graduating, he returns to New York to begin his training.


Cathy Hardwick, a famous American sportswear designer, was her starting point. Two years later, Ford takes the position of Director of Design for Perry Ellis, below Marc Jacobs. However, her goal was Europe, so she moved to France, where she studied the world of the catwalk in-depth, finally heading to Milan and joining the Gucci team.


Tom Ford’s first place within Gucci was as a designer of the women’s clothing line. In 1992, he held the position of Design Director and, two years later, he was appointed Creative Director, being in charge of both the design of clothing and the conception of all product lines within the company, in addition to his image and from Gucci stores.

After Gucci’s departure, one of his first activities is to act as a director of Sotheby’s auction house in Paris. He also collaborates with the cosmetic empire Estée Lauder and presents a book about his work at Gucci and YSL. In 2004 he announced the creation of the Tom Ford brand and, in 2006, launched Black Orchid, his first perfume, If you want to buy these amazing perfumes go and visit the Designer Perfumes website.

And it is that Tom Ford is a multifaceted man, essential to understanding the fashion and aesthetics of recent years. Controversial, he does not hesitate to resort to sexuality to promote his designs. Its style, reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, and its ability to incorporate new fabrics such as stretch or satin in men’s suits, combines great commercial sensitivity and authentic avant-garde, while leaving us with wonderful images of Tom Ford dresses loaded with a sensuality that takes us back to the brilliant years of Club Estudio 54.

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