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The Tom Fords Best Perfume

Tom Ford currently owns an innumerable amount of perfumes, but Neroli Portofino won the biggest award in 2014. This perfume was considered the best feminine perfume, as it is a charming fragrance that captures the essence of women. It was a striking creation that amazed enormously for its citrus, floral and amber combination, in addition to offering a fresh aroma inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Portofino and the seductive atmosphere of the Mediterranean.

If you consider that you belong to the consecrated group of people who consider perfume as something sacred, then these floral fragrances should be one of your options. Many people use perfume as an important ritual placing in each area of ​​their body. They also think that leaving a trail in their wake is making a difference.

Perfume represents what we consider a treasure in our memory and what better way to remember someone than through its perfume. It is the direct connection with many things, places, moments that we can consider to have been happiness and even sadness. A perfume can represent a feeling, and that is what the best Ford perfume achieves. Using a fragrance as a Portofino is infecting moments with an aroma.

What Ford offers you in each season are fragrances that are considered the best perfumes on the market, try some of them, and you will see how their fragrances will make you feel sexy and elegant.

Perfumes could be considered better than others depending on their quality; that’s why the best Ford perfume is based on its composition and how it makes you feel. Tom Ford’s perfumes will give you status, elegance, and innovation. Seventy perfumes make up this brand from which you can choose the best and the one that you like the most. All perfumes are different and unique so that you will have a lot of variety.

The perfumes of this brand are recognized around the world for being completely fresh and modern. Its formulas and aromas will accompany you at any special time you wish. Among its aromas, we can find coconut, vanilla, and roses that will remain on your skin for hours.

Tom Ford Beauty reflects in cosmetics and fragrances the glamorous and modern spirit of the Texan designer. This new fragrance, Ombré Leather, is included in this line, an Eau de parfum that is presented in a sober but impressive bottle of pure lines in matt black glass of 50 and 100 ml.

Tom Ford is from in Austin; he spent much of his childhood in Santa Fe and moved to New York to study Art History at New York University. There he discovered his true vocation: fashion.

In April 2005, exactly one year after his dramatic departure from the Gucci Group, Ford announced the creation of the brand with his name and in this adventure he was accompanied by the former president and chief executive of the Gucci Group: Domenico de Sole, who assisted as the executive leader of the company.

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