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Scent Monthly Subscription

By 22/04/2020 July 3rd, 2020 No Comments

With almost four years in the online business, Designer Perfumes has had a positive impact on its audience. Thus, this undertaking in the United Kingdom is increasingly expanding towards other countries in the continent and internationally.

To promote your brand, however, the website has had to implement marketing strategies and brand positioning, some through social networks and others, clearly, with a delivery service of all their fragrances.

To date, this business has a selection that exceeds 450 fragrances. Own and inspired by luxury brands in the market, customers deeply value the plurality it offers in payment options and methods. One of its most popular promotions is subscription packages.

What does it consist of?

In essence, it is a monthly shipment made by Designer Perfumes to customers who subscribe to this service. The fees are monthly and vary according to the number of samples delivered per month.

Each of the copies sent at home is not repeated unless it is a requirement of the client. This service is also intended to present exclusive and latest products to the most loyal clientele.

Prices and fees

In total, the page offers three perfume kits. In ascending order, these vary between three, four and five monthly samples. At the time of purchase, each user can decide which kit to take according to their possibilities and needs.

The most economical sample set has a total cost of £ 15.95 and includes three fragrances at the customer’s choice. The next kit, with an additional sample, adds another £ 10 to the amount, for a total of 25, while the most expensive has a net cost of £ 32.50.

For foreign customers, these figures are adapted to their local currency. The fees are cancelled once a month according to the date on which your registration ends.

Order and shipment

Ordering these kits proceeds entirely in the same way that regular purchases work. However, some considerations must be taken into account.

First of all, and because it is a team of sample copies, customers are not entitled to a refund unless they receive the products with factory defects.

For international customers, there is an additional shipping cost that also suits your local currency. These values ​​add financial aspects such as the value of the dollar or the depreciation of its currency.

Once the billing is done, Designer Perfumes sends a confirmation email and complete information about the product and also a report of the time it will take to reach its destination.

With products that are ordered within the United Kingdom, the span can range from 48 or 72 hours between order and delivery. Meanwhile, for Italy, Dubai and the United States – countries that order more from this store – the intervals differ between 5, 10 and 14 days.


Since it is a sample of the large-packaged product, all shipments of this subscription kit correspond to the same perfume. Customers will receive the samples and, according to their tastes in aromas, can be made with the model with the highest content at a price indicated on the page.