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Scent From Subscription Box

By 22/04/2020 July 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Although online businesses save an unquestionable amount of time, it is also true that the search among so many options can overwhelm even the most skilled in the field, generating problems when deciding what to buy.

Thinking about this disappointment,Designer Perfumes, an online store for the sale and distribution of fragrances inside and outside the United Kingdom, decided to order its catalog with a provision that its customers value deeply: according to the letters of the alphabet.

Of course, it is not, nor by any means, the first firm that opts for this measure to facilitate the experience of its customers. However, it is still considered a remarkable feature, gave the possibilities that an audience tends.

And in what ways, particularly?

First, this order of products allows users to immerse themselves in a search without prejudice or predisposition. As they move through the twenty-six tabs that make up their stock, they will be able to discover various aromas that will get their attention thanks to the bottled presentation, or for their content characteristics.

On the other hand, and turning its most pressing disadvantage into a strength, Designer Perfumes intends, through this modality, to offer its customers an aromatic description that awakens their senses even before the clear impossibility of smelling the product.

The online store fits every customer and, as well as extending a catalog covering its more than 450 original products; it also has search filters, offers, and promotions for all types of customers.

With this consideration, each filter is designed to facilitate further the work that is already solved with results in alphabetical order. For example, one of the search engines a priori delimits gender; that is if it is intended for perfumes for men or women.

Filters linked to the smell and price also adhere to these catalysts, as well as the countries where the products are sent and the additional costs of their internationalization. Currently, the list of orders is headed by the United Kingdom – its country of origin -, Dubai, Italy, and the United States.

As mentioned before, the order Designer Perfumes has decided to arrange for its products is an advantage, wherever you look at it. Particularly, the promotions constitute a popular outbreak among all the paraphernalia that could be expected from such a store.

However, in the meantime, the subscription to receive samples of perfumes at home is one of these plans with impeccable success. Currently, with three options available, customers and future customers can receive between three and five samples of perfumes per month.

Of course, these plans are renewed monthly, with an advantage for customers, since they receive original samples and those that are still in development, at very affordable prices and even to the address that customers provide on the website.

This measure, more than a brand promotion and positioning strategy, is implemented to let customers know those aromas with which the company works, which, in addition to manufacturing with original merchandise, emulates – in its way -, Some of the most popular perfumes in the market.

All these subscriptions, of course, are made from the official website of the store and conforms to Terms and Conditions that customers can consider before purchase.