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By 02/11/2019 July 3rd, 2020 No Comments

Offers and promotions constitute a universal way through which companies and sales groups attract customers effectively. This, also to brand positioning and marketing, is an economic tactic that is frequently used in conventional commerce, and is now boosted to stratospheric limits with the emergence of online platforms.

All these strategies use an excellent offer, although they always vary in impact, scope or method. On websites such as Designer Perfumes, aimed at a general public and about their distribution of perfumery, there are three methods for positioning: gift vouchers, subscriptions and samples.

From this online store, it is possible to access all of them. Naturally, they include terms, conditions and a whole list of advantages for customers that will be pointed out below.

Gift vouchers

This promotional option is perhaps the oldest and best known within the markets inside and outside the United Kingdom. From large department stores to Internet streaming platforms, they use Gift Cards to sell their customers.

In this store, gift vouchers work in two ways: as a gift from the establishment to their customers or as a gift that they can send to other people by entering a code.

In the first case, Designer Perfumes sends these vouchers to compensate users who have used their products for a certain period – it varies from six months to one year. These include amounts of 50 to 500 euros/dollars and vary depending on the time they remain in force.

For third parties, the customer can buy a gift card for the same amounts and send them by email to the person who wishes to give them to them. These vouchers are billed for the amount of the card and are non-transferable as long as the code entered at the time of purchase matches that of the card.


Online stores offer a variety of quite remarkable advantages, such as accessibility and globalisation of their products. However, it is also true that products – such as perfumery – lose that quality that physical stores possess: samples.

Ingeniously, Designer Perfumes decided to promote the purchase of packages or test kits with which its customers can access three, four or five copies of their stock per month. These are sent to your home and need a monthly renewal. That is, the amount is billed per month.

Within the products that are sent as proof, there are two classifications. The first corresponds to perfumes that customers have not dared to try but, due to popularity among the public, the company promotes. The second corresponds to newly developed or developing products.



Test copies

In case people choose not to buy one of the kits by monthly subscription, they can access the trial versions of a certain fragrance. To do this, they have to select the “Split test” tab and the entire stock of Designer Perfumes will appear on their screens.

This option is especially available for customers who want to give other fragrances a chance, but who dare not go for the big bottle.

These options are cheaper and, like their counterparts, are delivered within the United Kingdom after 48 or 72 hours after the order is placed.