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Saint Lauren is a well-known perfume company. Although it is originally from Paris, it is known worldwide for its good products and exquisite aromas. This brand has more than fifty years of experience, so you can be confident that it is good. Saint Lauren has created various fragrances in sequence. The first launched was a men’s perfume in nineteen seventy-one, named Pour Homme.

Over the years, the number of perfumes made grew, of course adding feminine fragrances to the list. One of the iconic perfumes for men is L’Homme or La Nuit de l’Homme and for women Opium and among others Black Opium. In summary, it is one of the most complete brands in terms of fragrance.

The fragrance designs are quite varied. Usually, for masculine perfumes, more serious and darker styles are used, prevailing colors like black. In the same way, they also have quite dark feminine styles, but with a lot of brightness, something that usually captures a lot of attention. Some fragrances are in double version, both feminine, and masculine.

These containers also contain beautiful designs from palm trees to shiny single-colored ones. There are gold, yellow, and different colored designs that are pretty and eye-catching. Their prices are very varied, from sixty to three hundred dollars.

In addition to the above, the list of perfumes made by Saint Lauren is quite long. One of its most renowned perfumes is YLS 24 Rue de L’UniversitéEdp.
The best option YSL 37 Rue de BellechasseEdp.

This is also one of the most recognized and important perfumes. Its fragrance notes are made with Oud, incense, Benzoin, Orris, and Musk. This perfume is listed as one that recovers the sensuality lost through the years. The mixture of all the above ingredients causes a quite exotic and different aroma to be created.

This perfume is contained in a black bottle that enhances elegance and seriousness. It also has a price of three hundred and ten dollars for a bottle of one hundred and twenty-five ml. The fragrance seems suitable for important occasions.
YSL Black Opium Edp Intense is another fragrance that is rated as one of the most eye-catching. Because it comes in various presentations, its prices are different, these vary between fifty-two and one hundred and eight euros. It is available in bottles of thirty, fifty, and ninety ml.

Its most important ingredients are aromatic herbs and absinthe. It also has other elements such as vanilla, orange flowers, coffee, and liquor. All these ingredients give it a quite masculine and serious aroma.

The aforementioned perfume has several versions available. Another one of these is the Black Opium Exotic Illusion Edp. Its top notes are made from pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear. Now its heart notes contain jasmine, coffee, almonds, and licorice.

It also contains base notes such as cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla, and cashmere wood. This comes in a decorative bottle in pink, black, and silver colors. Its size is fifty ml, with a price of seventy-six euros.

This seems to be a very energetic perfume that can be used in the morning or on any occasion, as it highlights sensuality.

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