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Viktor & Rolf is a recognized brand from Amsterdam. Its creators are Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. They founded their company in the year nineteen ninety-three. The first perfume they launched bore the Flowerbomb name and went on sale in the year two thousand and five. This perfume is characterized by being similar to an explosion of flowers, transforming into a sensory experience.

The ingredients of this perfume are various flowers, as its name implies. Among these are jasmine, sambac, roses, freesia, orchid, and some patchouli. This fragrance has a touch of elegance thanks to all the flowers and seems to be one of the most important perfumes that have been launched by Viktor & Rolf.

Viktor & Rolf is a brand that not only designs feminine perfumes but also works for masculinity; the proof of this is the fragrance called Spicebomb.

Perfume prices are varied depending on the ingredients it contains and, of course, the packaging. Costs mostly range from seventy to one hundred and ninety euros. Its jars are characterized by being quite sophisticated with beautiful shapes and glass.

Likewise, the colors used for feminine designs are mainly pink, black, gold, and white. For masculine designs, the colors brown, black, green, and blue are focused. These can come in different sizes, prices, and presentations.
Some of the perfumes that are part of the brand are:
One of the fragrances made by this brand is Viktor & Rolf Dancing Roses Edp. As its name implies, among its ingredients, roses and rose peppers predominate. It also contains musk, cherry, tonka bean, and among others. This perfume is characterized by being mysterious and charming. Luckily the aroma that permeates the skin and people’s senses.

It is contained in a beautiful transparent bottle with a liquid of beautiful yellowish color. It has a cost of one hundred and four dollars contained in seventy-five ml.

Another well-known fragrance made by Viktor & Rolf is Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb Midnight. The ingredients that make it up are different flowers in which jasmine stands out. It also contains pink pepper, blackcurrant, and other ingredients. This perfume highlights sensuality and seems to be perfect for any occasion. It is radiant. In this way, the fragrance comes in a black glass bottle with pink accents. It has a cost of one hundred and fifty euros.

As previously mentioned, Viktor & Rolf not only makes Perfumes for women but also makes masculine essences. One of the most prominent is Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Night Vision Edt. Among its output ingredients are bergamot, green mandarin, grapefruit, apple, green cardamom, and complex of black spices.

Of course, the above are not the only ingredients that make this perfume. Its true fragrance is trapped in sage, geranium, rosemary, leading, red chili, cloves, walnuts, and nutmeg, among others. This perfume seems to be suitable for outings or night parties, as it has an electrifying aroma.
Green mandarins are responsible for giving a masculine touch to the perfume. That seems perfect with the black glass packaging with hints of green in the background. Something thathigh lights masculinity perfectly.

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