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Roja perfumes are the brainchild of perfumer Roja Dove and are today widely recognized as one of the most luxurious fragrance houses in the world. The perfumer Roja Dove is recognized worldwide for working only with the best materials of the best quality. “Jasmine de Grasse”, “Rose de Mai” and “Ambergris” perfumes are considerably more expensive than pure gold.

The boxes in which the Roja perfumes rest are handmade with silk linings and inlaid with crystals, they have covers covered with 24-carat gold and with candles of fine fragrance oils mixed with the finest wax carefully hand-poured.

Each of the Roja perfume aromas is made in England and is pure testimony to the beauty of British perfumery. Perfumer Roja Dove is also known for all her creative perfumery styles, she is considered a poet perfumer and storyteller who creates everything tangible from something intangible.

The concept of perfumes for Roja Dove is very simple, she believes that there is a perfume for all people and the collections represent a fully balanced palette of scents that allows all clients to find the perfect scents for them.

Some of the most prestigious brands in the world such as Rolls Royce, The Four Seasons, Laurent-Perrier, Fabergé, and The Macallan resorted to the imitable style of Roja perfumes. These collaborations confirm that Roja is at the forefront of perfume innovation in England. Due to the worldwide success of Roja perfumes, the creativity and relentless drive of its namesake creator, it led to Roja Dove being named ambassador for Britain.

The most luxurious perfumes of Roja Dove

The designer Roja Dove has to date more than 130 perfumes available on the market, the first edition being created in 2005, and the last in 2019. The perfume “Elysium Pour Homme Parfum” for men, has as main chords being very aromatic and possess an excellent quality in durability. This fragrance belongs to the olfactory family for men and was launched in 2017. The nose in charge of this fragrance is Roja Dove.

The “Danger” perfume was launched by Roja Dove in London-England for women’s or unisex use, its scent is citric and floral and it is safe and perfect for people who like to travel abroad and go out at night.

The perfume “ROJA PARFUMS 51” is a perfume for women with fragrances of Benzion, vanilla, pink pepper, cloves, labdanum, musk, patchouli, woody notes, lemon, grapefruit, and floral notes. This perfume makes people enjoy an excellent floral fragrance with a soft fragrance, based on musk, vanilla powder, and benzoin; all these aromas are combined with the patchouli and woody fragrances, thus achieving a charming smell.

This perfume was launched on the market from London-England and its presentation is 50ml. The perfume “Crema suprema Amber Aoud” comes in a 200ml presentation. This perfume is used with the most classic perfume materials from the Middle East. Roja Dove combined the rubber resins with the well-known Aoud of its fragrances, resulting in an excellent body cream irresistible in aroma and softness. This Roja creation satisfies the most demanding tastes in the cosmetic world.

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