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Roja perfumes are the brainchild of perfumer Roja Dove and are today widely recognized as one of the most luxurious fragrance houses in the world. The perfumer Roja Dove is recognized worldwide for working only with the best materials of the best quality. “Jasmine de Grasse”, “Rose de Mai” and “Ambergris” perfumes are considerably more expensive than pure gold.

Roja Parfums – Luxury perfume house

‘Only the best will do.’ – Roja’s philosophy that captures the commitment to high-quality, using only the finest quality ingredients in their unique artistic creations. Roja Parfums is widely recognised as one of the most luxurious and best fragrance houses in the world. Explore the range of exclusive niche fragrances with a delicate feminine touch and the finest aftershaves for true gentlemen today at!

About Roja Parfums

The company was founded in 2011 by a world-renown British perfumer Roja Dove, born Roger Bird. His innovative and unique scents and his involvement with a number of charity events and foundations made him an internationally respected master perfumer. He was also named ‘a master tailor of scent’ by The New York Times as he comes up with the most interesting scent combinations and ceases to impress with every new launch.

Although Roja is a luxury fragrance company selling some of the most expensive perfume in the world, the founder believes that the collection allows anyone to find something for themselves in his perfume collections and that there is a perfect scent for everyone.

Roja Dove believes a perfumer is a poet or a storyteller who creates the tangible from the intangible, and he has proved his words by creating luxury fragrance in adorable and dreamy packaging. Each bottle is specially tailored to complement the scent inside and only the clearest of glass is used, hand-decorated with Swarovski crystals on the caps. The scents themselves are made only from the best quality, most exotic and unexpected ingredients.

Perfume and Aftershave by Roja Parfums

Roja Parfums fragrances are created using a variety of scents ideal for every occasion. Elegant aromas ranging from subtle to intense, made of the most exclusive ingredients such as Rose de Mai or ambergris. Discover the most alluring scents by Roja Parfums and enjoy the real olfactory experience.

Roja Parfums Unisex

Unisex niche fragrances by Roja created for both, men and women, combine masculine aromas with delicate feminine scents, making the fragrance suitable for everyone. Experience the passion and creative flair that Roja Dove puts into his fragrance creations.

This perfume was launched on the market from London-England and its presentation is 50ml. The perfume “Crema suprema Amber Aoud” comes in a 200ml presentation. This perfume is used with the most classic perfume materials from the Middle East. Roja Dove combined the rubber resins with the well-known Aoud of its fragrances, resulting in an excellent body cream irresistible in aroma and softness. This Roja creation satisfies the most demanding tastes in the cosmetic world.

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