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The Prada fashion house was founded in the year 1913 by Mario Prada and his brothers, a family of Italian origin that was dedicated primarily to manufacturing leather and leather pieces, until in 1978 he took over the company Miuccia Prada who was the granddaughter of Mario Prada, the company became from then on one of the benchmarks in the making and design of haute couture clothing and then ready-to-wear.

Accessories such as handbags continue to be icons of the brand that together with perfumes cover large fashion sectors, all with equal success, the brand has become a symbol of status and is recognized by wide sectors of the fashion industry fashion and other areas such as cinema and television where it is used even for the title of films.
The brand is mentioned in dozens of films and its products are shown in so many others, without the house doing anything to encourage or avoid it, simply Prada is synonymous with good taste and elegance and the mere mention of its name brings with it all these concepts. The music industry also makes mention of the brand on countless occasions.

A brand that has reached the peak of popularity and splendor could not leave perfume aside, in collaboration with the Spanish Puig consortium it has a whole line of perfumes almost as iconic as the brand itself.

Prada perfumes

In its long history, Prada has marketed an impressive number of perfumes with classic aromas, some and a little more novel and rebellious, but most of these have penetrated a public that once discovers them, makes them part of their essence and does not change them. These classics continue to be sold all over the world and continue to conquer new customers and admirers.

On the official Prada website, we find the availability of at least forty-nine fragrances that are just a sample of everything it has to offer.

The best-known lines around which new versions of fragrances have been created by changing the top notes and a little the heart notes so that the background remains as a common thread of the entire collection, one of those collections is Prada Candy, in its versions Prada Candy Kiss, Pada Candy Nigth, Prada Candy Sugar Pop and Prada Candy Florale, all derived from the original Prada Candy version.
The Infusion line with fresh and youthful but at the same time classic and timeless notes continued to develop by producing Infusion d´Amande, Infusion d´Iris, Infusion d´Oillet, Infusion d´Oranger, Infusion de Mimosa, Infusion d´Vetiver, Infusion d´mandarine, all essences that have become personal marks of many people who use them daily until they become part of their personality and way of being.
Prada Luna Rossa is another of the most emblematic lines of the Italian firm that stands out for its interesting aroma and the simple and sophisticated presentation of its bottles that without further pretension take quality to its maximum expression.

The bases of the essence of the firm and the advertising strategy even pass through the hands of its executive director who prefers unisex fragrances.

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