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Another clear example of how fashion and fragrances inevitably intermingle to give full meaning to the essence of modern men and women.

In the case of PacoRabbane, he can be considered one of the pioneers to venture into the perfume industry, since the early sixties, he launched into the fashion design market, and in 1969 Calandre presented a perfume that was and continues to be considered revolutionary for your time.
The wait for his first masculine perfume was long and in 1973 he presented PacoRabanne pour Homme, his fragrances are characterized by being strong and unique, it has been defined by his inclinations towards the dramatic, personal characteristics that he has reflected in his creations clothing and perfume.

PacoRabanne’s perfumes are varied in concepts and aromas, precisely that unique style has led him to achieve a moderate amount of fragrances but a few have become classics for their quality and differentiation from the rest in the industry.
Is the designer chose to leave his signature on the other hand and set himself apart, which has led the emporium to a phase of renewal since 2005 that includes perfume.

Currently, the well-known emporium of PacoRabbane is in the hands of the Spanish group Puig, which has continued to strive to expand the brand and grow the line of perfumes without losing that unique and unparalleled character that the designer printed since its inception.

Rabbane perfumes

PacoRabbane One million so far the most successful of the French house perfumes touted as the perfume for the bad boy who does what he wants, is a representation of money.
The design of its bottle imitates a gold bar and represents the power to get everything you want quickly and without complications. It is defined as an oriental woody fragrance with a great presence of species such as cinnamon and the sweet touch of vanilla.

This perfume surpasses the levels of acceptance and has represented an icon that broke the traditional schemes of the brand.

PacoRabbaneOlympea Legend, classified as an oriental fragrance with a strong floral presence, designed for women, is one of the latest launches from the firm, which aims to captivate a generation of free and independent women who flaunt and are proud of their strength. The essence of the perfume is based on plum, salt, and vanilla that set it apart from its predecessor.

PacoRabbane Lady Million for her created for the modern, independent, and rebellious woman, who plays with seduction and fantasy, her base notes are related to bitter orange and raspberry.

While the base of the fragrance highlights the notes of honey and wood, in this version special attention is paid to the bottle, which is the representation of a faceted diamond, a symbol of wealth and opulence.

These are just three of the most sought-after PacoRabbane perfumes by the public and just a sample of intense activity in creating both classic and modern fragrances while maintaining the essence of the firm.

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