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One of the characteristics that define the Memo brand is that its creators try to concentrate in a bottle and a fragrance a complete experience referring to a place or a geographical area, condensing all the sensations that occur when arriving in an exotic African or Asian region, those aromas that mark the smell contained in a perfume that recalls the visitor the desire to visit that place.

It can be considered a unique line of perfumes and with a different concept that has been well received by specialists and within the public that has accepted them and manifests experiencing the sensations of each trip again each time they uncover the perfume bottle, its fragrances More emblematic have been Memo African Leather, Memo Italian Leather, Memo African Rose among many others that we will discover later.

The firm created in 2007 by Clara and John Molloy perfumes who wanted to reflect their travel experiences in perfumes and at the same time explore the variety of exotic and rare fragrances that are not usually common in the perfume industry is considered avant-garde and modern firm. Circumscribed to new market trends. Its name and slogan are related to the experience of traveling and remembering.
The memo is the abbreviation of memory where it is reflected that the smell makes us remember in a very vivid way experience, sensations and moments, these experiences will remain forever in the memory and can be evoked every time one of the bottles of this brand is opened.

Some of Memo’s main fragrances are the best option for all:
Memo African Leather Eau de Perfum characterized by a leather aroma with floral touches and the presence of cardamom and geranium and additionally some notes of saffron, patchouli, cumin, and musk present among others.
Memo African Rose Eau de Perfum whose characteristic leather is accompanied by notes of bergamot, patchouli, and geranium oil in addition to the distinctive absolute rose without neglecting the appreciable leather from which its name derives.

Memo Italian Leather Eau de Perfum with a heart reminiscent of the Italian skies reflected in galbanum, sage, and rockrose oils, added to the essence of green tomato leaf, with a base of vanilla, sandalwood, and myrrh, benzoin, and opoponax combined with leather and musk.

Memo Marfa Spices Eau de Perfum the first notes in this fragrance are tuberose and spices, then between the base and the base between mixing with notes of tangerine oil, tuberose absolute, sandalwood oil, cedar oil, orange blossom absolute, cardamom and vanilla bean.

Memo Morrocan Leather Eau de Perfum the keynotes of this perfumes are accord of vetiver fraction oil leather and iris butter and that mixed with the aromatic and unmistakable intensity of ginger and pepper together with orange blossom and tangerine oil evokes places of dreams in the Moroccan desert.

These are just some of the perfumes in the Memo collection that fulfill their mission of recalling the spectacular and exotic landscapes of the most remote and exciting places on the planet.

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