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Marc Jacobs is another of the designers who, after a successful career in fashion, entered the perfume market where they transferred their exquisite taste and also their success, with a career started as a designer of another prestigious fashion firm, Jacob proposed his working alone alongside his work as artistic director of Louis Vuitton, both brands were able to live together thanks to the financial support received by the Jacobs firm.

At some point in his career, he generated controversy with some of his collections which attracted the most attention to the young designer, it was not until 2001 when his first perfume for women, Marc Jacobs Perfume was born and the following year in its masculine version, both with great success from the beginning, participation in the creation of the fragrance by renowned and respected perfumers guaranteed success.

Marc Jacobs Perfume is characterized by notes of cedar, patchouli, oakmoss and tonka bean at its base and more intense notes in its mid-tones, the masculine version is quite similar and highlights the simplicity and elegance of its bottles. Both the masculine and feminine versions enjoyed great acceptance and even today with almost one hundred more perfumes developed by the brand, they continue to have good sales.

The famous Daysi

Among the Marc Jacobs fragrances that, as mentioned, almost reached a hundred, Daysi stands out, launched in 2017, and which has had several updates and versions where changes in its top notes result in completely different perfumes from the same range of aromas. In this series, the design of its packaging stands out for its beauty, which has made the flowers on its lid characteristic.

The essence is that of a fresh fragrance between floral and citrus with notes of violet and musk, part of its fame is due to the awards obtained, in 2008 the FIFI award wins one of the highest recognitions in the world of perfume and also It carries in the same award the award for the best packaging, making it even famous one year after its release.

The Daysi fragrance gathers is still your darling with its versions Daysi Dream, Daysi Love, and others keeping the essence and freshness of both its fragrance and its packaging.

Jacobs perfumes continue to make a good impression among critics and the public, they are perfumes aimed at young and fresh people looking for citrus and floral fragrances, the example is shown in their marketing campaigns where the protagonists are very young girls attracted to the floral essences, commercials and advertising companies of the entire Daysi range and other designer fragrances are light very close to nature.

Jacobs has opted for young and simple models for the campaign of its perfume with a youthful air and with better-known models for its other fragrance lines such as Decadence in its various versions, the line that defines Jacobs fragrances are well delineated in terms of who They are directed and there is no doubt that it has been successful with the aromas and the people to whom it is directed.

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