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The year 1988 was the one that allowed the founding of the international brand and company Maison Margiela, making its first fashion show the following year in Paris, which was full of children everywhere, critics detested it. Still, the industry was fascinated by a unique way for his unique way of doing things. Currently, there are about 50 stores in all parts of the world, with white being the characteristic color that represents the brand.

For the year 1994, the company made a collection inspired by Barbie, and in 1998 it presented the first collection for men always to be inclusive and satisfactorily cover more space in the market. In 2004 MaisonMargiela moves to other offices, which are located in an 18th-century convent in Paris. In 2006 he made a presentation for his Haute Couture collection and in 2008 celebrated his 20th anniversary in an exhibition at a museum called the Antwerp Fashion Museum (MoMu).

Later Martin Margiela abandons his position as director of the company, and in 2010 the brand launches its first perfumes opening new doors in the international market for the company. Four years later John Galliano becomes its creative director, the following year, the name of the brand is changed by the one it has up to now, and they continue to innovate with their incredible launches, thus considering their perfumes as extremely elegant and of quality.

Some of the most outstanding perfumes of the Maison Margiela brand are:

MAISON MARGIELA IN THE EDT OF THE BARBER: It is that perfume that has 100ml of pure pleasant fragrance, with a completely affordable price of £ 96.00. Inspired by Paris like all other scents, this one, in particular, has elements of basil and rosemary for its elaboration, so that in the end, it constitutes strong and lasting floral scents.

MAISON MARGIELA MUTINY EDP: It is one of the aromas that mainly represent this brand, with a price of £ 99.00 and that contains in its composition to make it more durable on the skin of those who want to use tangerine, pink pepper, and even saffron, thereby achieving an orange scent.

MAISON MARGIELA WICKED LOVE EDP: It has a price of only £ 116.00, which makes it completely accessible to the world community, since if the quality of it is considered, this cost is extremely cheap. Its perfumes are approximately 100ml. Based on experiences and dreams in Paris, the brand has managed to achieve a fresh flower aroma thanks to the accords of green pepper, basil essence, Egyptian jasmine, and Centifolia rose essence that makes it unique and special.

MAISON MARGIELA BEACH WALK EDT: At the cost of £ 96.00, the 100ml bottle contains a freshness of lemon that nowhere else can you find it. With a citrus and fruit scent, women around the world today bet on this fragrance for the course of their time.

MAISON MARGIELA BY THE FIREPLACE EDT: As pink pepper, cloves, cashmere, and orange blossom are the elements that make up this fragrance, it only costs approximately £ 96.00 for the 100ml capacity. Like all the aromas of this brand, they are characterized by their duration, but this one stands out for the spicy essence that makes it even more attractive.

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