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At Louis Vuitton is this ingenious boy who years later would found a brand as successful as a millionaire in the fashion industry, which can easily be said to be the most recognized worldwide since no person in the entire world has not heard of their amazing products.

This company or “small business” had its beginnings in the year 1854, which possibly makes it one of the companies with the longest history in the market, and that continues to captivate its consumers with its innovations. Opening a workshop in 1859 that was located northeast of central Paris, it only started with 20 employees, and by 1900 almost 100 people were already working.

But what always made the brand unique, besides, of course, its incredible aesthetics in its products was the fact that each garment was enhanced entirely by hand, which surprisingly even speaking of the present, this continues to be the case.

Thus becoming an exception in the entire fashion industry, and highlighting Speedy bags and Neverfull bags as the most iconic of the firm. However, the new goals have never scared the Louis Vuitton brand, and that is why it has always been in charge of restoring new dreams, now having merchandise such as perfumes among its new services, in addition to its famous handbags.

So knowing the above, some of the perfumes that currently have an excellent reception from the Louis Vuitton brand are:

LOUIS VUITTON CŒUR BATTANT: It is the perfume that only at the price of £ 200.00 every woman can enjoy its use, which lasts as long as someone can always crave. Its floral, fougère, and pink scent with a capacity of 100ml is so much in demand and loved by ladies these days due to its elements such as pear, Egyptian jasmine, and ylang-ylang accord to complete its elaboration.

LOUIS VUITTON L’IMMENSITÉ: At just £ 200.00 any gentleman who wants to immerse himself with a floral citrus scent, his best alternative is this 100ml bottle, since its components and strong composition of fresh Ginger, grapefruit, and labdanum, make it ideal for these men who want so much to be presentable with a good fragrance.

LOUIS VUITTON LE JOUR SE LÈVE: It is another of these perfumes that currently captivate the taste of everyone around you, this one is especially worth approximately £ 200.00 and has 100ml. Its main ingredient is the best mandarin extract in all of Italy with a fusion of jasmine with fruit, which gives it citrus and sweet touch for all these ladies who want to bet on the best tastes.

LOUIS VUITTON MATIÈRE NOIRE: The cost of this perfume ranges from £ 200.00 – £ 345.00, and what makes this product unique is its essence of daffodil and the unique smell of jasmine that, being an exotic combination, captivates with its durability and strength, in containers of about 100ml and 200ml to choose from.

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