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The famous perfume brand Kilian refers to the name of the person who had the intelligence and dedication to make it happen. Kilian Hennessy is a French perfume which was born in 1972, and worked in perfume companies for a long time before devising his brand, among them were Dior and Armani, which served as an apprenticeship to finally in 2007 create his franchise.

But the aroma was always in his life, because the cognac cellars of his relatives served him as inspiration much later to make his most beloved fragrances come true and those for which many people today always want to have in their hands. Where the most surprising thing about its franchise is the independence with which it operates and never following the pre-established rules of advertising.

Its style is contemporary, and completely natural and elegant, these being one of the greatest characteristics that make it unique as a perfume brand. However, one of the qualities that mainly stand out in Kilian is that after eight years of its creation in 2007.

The company already had approximately 38 fragrances that had become famous for its special aromas, durability, and quality. At the same time, it is important to highlight that since 2016 this exemplary company became and joined the Estée Lauder group.

Among the many fragrances that the Kilian brand currently has are:

KILIAN WOMAN IN GOLD EDP: It is the perfume that today has enormous support from the world community thanks to its composition and elaboration, and its 50ml packaging. Its aroma captivates all women who apply it for its oriental scent that is extremely delicious to the senses and lasts for a long time impregnated on the skin.

EDP ​​KILIAN ADULTS: At just £ 69.00 – £ 99.00 women around the world are betting on its fragrance and the elegance of the packaging that makes it unique and beautiful between 50ml and 100ml. With a preparation based on bergamot and lemon, it manages to provide a spectacular and delicious fragrance that is floral and oriental.

KILIAN BACK TO BLACK, EAU DE PARFUM AFRODISÍACO: It is another of these incredible jewels that are only priced at £ 310.00, with a capacity of 50ml and with a base of bergamot, nutmeg, saffron, cardamom, raspberry, coriander, chamomile, honey, olibanum, cedar, patchouli, oak, almond, labdanum, tobacco, vanilla, geranium, gingerbread, amber, tonka bean, cherry, benzoin in its composition.

All the women who use it and all those who can delight its aroma realize that it is the one indicated to feel perfumed with woody odors.

KILIAN BACK TO BLACK, RECARGA AFRODISÍACA EDP: A perfume that can be used by both men and women is made with elements such as nutmeg, saffron, bergamot, cardamom, raspberry, coriander, olibanum, chamomile, honey, cedar, patchouli, oak, almond, tobacco, labdanum, vanilla, geranium, cherry, tonka bean, benzoin, amber, gingerbread, 50ml and with a fruity, honey, oriental and woody aroma.

KILIAN BAMBOO HARMONY EDP: It is another of these perfumes that to this day do not cease to surprise everyone, at just a cost of £ 277.00 both men and women who want can have an oriental and woody aroma based on neroli, bergamot, and bigarade as its main manufacturing ingredients.

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