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The British perfume company JO MALONE has managed to be part of the lives of millions of women in different parts of the world since each of its extraordinary fragrances has always managed to captivate everyone who can enjoy it from its beginnings, where Even Kate Middleton herself should always have one of these as it has become her favorite.

But no one at any time could imagine that all this would happen as a result of a small gift that Jo Malone herself presented to her clients, being a moisturizing oil of ginger and nutmeg. However, the love that this majestic woman gave her was always very evident. She had fragrances since she was very young, trying to create many of them in her own home in Bexleyheath. And since the talent was completely evident, the opening of his store was not long to wait, because in 1994 at 154 Walton Street, in London there was a space.

And that moment would be the beginning of what today is the brand of exclusive perfumes, bath products, scents, and scented candles, which was founded in 1993, but in 1999 became the property of Estée Lauder. Similarly, it is important to note that today there is a book written by Jo Malone herself, where she narrates all the important events in her life and is available to anyone who wants to read it.

The list of the most outstanding perfumes of the JO MALONE brand

JO MALONE ROSE & WHITE MUSK COLOGNE: It is the perfume that with only £ 270.00 a woman to make characteristic of her by carrying her aroma, which is made with rose petals, to have a floral fragrance with a very long duration finally.

JO MALONE AMBER & LAVENDER COLOGNE: It is made with nothing more and nothing less than with French lavender, having an approximate of 100ml and being a characteristic perfume for the most refined men and who wish to have a rich and strongly floral and woody fragrance.

JO MALONE BASIL & NEROLI COLONIA: Due to its quality and durability, the price of £ 149.00 is extremely economical, since it oscillates twice as normally. Its preparation is based on basil and therefore gives women who want to use it an aromatic, woody aroma with a musky intensity and a 30ml container.

JO MALONE CEDAR AND BLACK JUNIPER COLONY: It resides in cumin and yet has managed to be part of everyone’s favorite fragrances, with a capacity of 100ml and 30ml, men who wish to satisfy themselves using it should know that its aroma is spicy and long-lasting.

JO MALONE BRONZE WOOD & LEATHER COLOGNE INTENSE: It is another one of this list of perfumes, but it is characterized by having a price between 105.00 – £ 162.00, a capacity of 50ml 100ml, and being made by essences such as grapefruit, bronze wood, leather, juniper, vetiver, to finally present a floral, fruity and oriental aroma for the man who acquires it, with extreme durability and projection.

JO MALONE CADE & CEDARWOOD COLONY: A perfume that with just 30ml and £ 60.00 causes a sensation in men who choose it to be part of their days, thanks to its woody scent.

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