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Perhaps you hear about the line of designer perfumes Jean-Paul Gaultier not for its aromas but for its quality in the bottle, its unusual and very funny design gives it the enthusiasm necessary to have it, be it man or woman, this perfume brand equally pleases them.

Based in Paris-France, Jean-Paul Gaultier perfumes have evolved in the world of perfume bottle design; people eat with their eyes, and seeing such an attractive presentation will not hesitate to get hold of it.

The big question is, how good are your fragrances? Are they worth acquiring? See below their three best perfumes separated from the rest for their great value in the market, know their composition:

  1. Classique EDP- Jean Paul Gaultier

Use this perfume in special moments, be it the wedding anniversary or to captivate your partner, combined with sweet and sensual notes you can achieve that attraction to your body, do not forget its wonderful image adapted to the silhouette of a woman.

The unique presentation of 100 ml has the shape of a woman’s body, its color is pink to distinguish the product of feminine character, and it has very attractive and sensual lace details, get a sample of the following composition:

  • Output: pink fragrance
  • Heart: orchid fragrance
  • Background: vanilla smell


  1. Le Male for Jean Paul Gaultier

On this occasion the presentation of the perfume is dedicated to the male silhouette, it has a unique size of 75 ml with which it will demonstrate its masculinity, strength, and character that defines it as the “alpha male” of the following aromas:

  • Notes of departure

Adorned with a minty scent to be embedded in the nose of all the girls I talk to. Don’t be surprised if you’re lucky with any of them.

  • Heart notes

A lavender scent to demonstrate sweetness, softness, elegance.

  • Background note

Conclude your presentation with a vanilla fragrance.


  1. Scandalfor Jean Paul Gaultier

Show that she is a very fun girl with the perfume “scandal” by Jean Paul Gaultier, her fresh and fun aroma will make her shine in a small or large meeting, her image will remain in the heart and smell of each person with whom she talks.

Its 50 and 80 ml presentations are great; they have the design on their cap of very sexy legs adorned with a silver color, while the rest of the bottle has a very innovative and outstanding pink color, but what about its fragrance notes? Good? Get to know them now:

  • A top note with a tuberous fragrance to give your skin freshness
  • Honey-scented heart note to express how sweet it is.
  • Base note with fragrances of tonka bean and sandalwood to give a spicy tone.

You already know how good Jean Paul Gaultier is when it comes to fragrances in his perfume, not only is it a good line of designer perfumes for bringing him innovative bottles, but its functionality gives a lot to be desired.

Take a very beautiful designer perfume that will magnificently release your pheromones, never before seen, Jean-Paul Gaultier pleases you in everything, acquire your sample of aroma and be part of this great experience in perfumes.

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