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Givenchy’s a line of designer perfumes founded in Paris and that currently has its attraction there. However, it has become popular throughout the world by bringing strong and very captivating smells. No one can resist Givenchy

Its line focuses a lot on women’s perfumes; it is well known that a feminine face gives an excellent face to the company, which is why it is its strong point in bringing out these exclusive products for them. Givenchy’s variety of feminine fragrances is unique.

Their pride is incredible; this is because of their good collected odors, quality, and design in their bottles, the intensity of fragrances, diversity of sizes in their products, and many other things put the Givenchy line of designer perfumes on high.

Her sales are on the rise as perfumes gain popularity, her intimate user list includes celebrities of all kinds as well as industry moguls who want to give their wives exclusive perfume. Their prices are affordable.

Among its products for sale are perfumes from EAU de Toilette, EAU de Parfum, Shower Oil and Body Lotion, apart from this Givenchy specializes in making exclusive designer clothes, where, like its line of perfumes, they give what best.

The best-selling category in 2019 and this year is expected to persist that of “pink fragrance” within the designer perfume brand, these scents have captivated their general public regardless of their race or sex, have crossed borders, and It has delighted many people on its way.

  • GivenchyDahliaDivin Le Nectar (EDP)

The first product of great popularity within Givenchy is the perfume “DahliaDivin,” its pink and completely floral scents have earned the nose of many people and have completely captivated them; their intensity makes them see the sky in 1 second.


The design of the product is based on a box bathed in silver and pink colors, it has its cap where its name and processing company are identified, and its unique appearance gains strength in its cover, which resembles a rectangular, transparent diamond with golden stones.

It has a unique 50 ml presentation, where the elegance, quality, and sophistication that Givenchy has always wanted to predominate.


  • Mimosa is your start or exit note.
  • Heart notes range from scents to rose to Jasmine sambac.
  • Its final fragrance or base note brings odors to tonka bean and sandalwood.
  • Givenchy L’Atelier de Rose Ardente (EDP)

On this occasion, Givenchy brings to your delight the combination of floral scents, but with a spicy tome, which as its presentation name says, “it will turn it into a burning rose,” do not miss this product and demand your sample to be captivated with its incredible smell.


Its presentation is unique, and it has 100 ml where it will be shown that a rectangle bathed in pink color and a black cap with a red stripe, is more than enough to make the perfume beautiful, its base has the brand indicated and to hold the product.


De Top notes: with smells of black and pink caviar.

  • Heart notes with chili smell.
  • Notes of the background with the smell of patchouli.
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