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You may be wondering right now what does Eau de Toilette mean in perfumes? Its translation would be “perfumed water” that distinguished lines of designer perfumes such as Giorgio Armani bring you to enjoy with its tropical, flowery, and exciting aromas.

It is common to be wrong with EDT and EDP products in perfumes, but you should know that one has a longer duration and character than the other, when it comes to Eau de Toilette or “perfume water” smell is softer and richer to be used in the day.

On this occasion, you will know the best EDT perfumes to be used during the day, with its so soft aroma you will not feel that we exaggerate its aroma and it will give you the feeling of having better receptivity, presence, and character, among other things, in your physique.

Giorgio Armani brings him Eau de Perfume (EDP) and Eau de Toilette (EDT), the latter has won the hearts of many of his followers by giving him very light fragrances to be used for a very important meeting or in his day to day without feeling over the top or very outstanding.

You must be careful when you choose a perfume; sometimes its scents can be so strong that instead of captivating your audience, it will drive them away, have insightful information like the one that you will see below and contact Giorgio Armani as much as you can to acquire your EDT products.

The EDT variety of this line of designer perfumes is unique and invaluable, see it for yourself and feel the scent of its fragrances just by reading the composition of each of its products.

ARMANI Sì Passione EDP

Just as its name you will say “yes” just by seeing its feminine presentation and knowing its fragrance notes:

  • Output: the smell of eroli, mandarin, Italian bergamot, black currant, and green pear freshly extracted from silver.
  • Heart: the smell of mai rose and Freesia.
  • Background: the smell of patchouli, vanilla, musk, and amber wood.

It comes in two presentations of 50 and 100ml. Its fragrances are sour, sweet, and with strong facets.

Giorgio Armani UAE of Cedre

Here things change, and Giorgio Armani brings a fresh perfume to men, very durable and with fragrances that will make it irresistible, discover its composition:

  • Output: sage, lemon, and bergamot smell

With this, you will have a predominant presence in the area where you are, with a very citric but captivating aroma.

  • Heart: cumin, violet leaves, and cardamom.

By combining cumin with violet, you will smell spicy, combined with the sweet aroma of violet, and culminating in an exotic cardamom aroma.

  • Background: wood smell, black tea, cedarwood, and suede

When you read the word “wood,” you will automatically think of smells of nature, and that is correct; this last note wants to please you in this way, giving you a very slight but unforgettable final note.

Armani Code

This latest perfume from Giorgio Armani’s EDT line is very special for its designer, as it demonstrates the essence of what the company is and how it has evolved over the years. Delight yourself with its fragrance notes:

  • Notes of departure

It begins with a smell of star anise to give character to its aroma, which includes the exotic and exciting of this smell. Fall in love with all those women you meet.

  • Heart notes

Combine the smells of olive blossom and citron for a sweet, yet tropical hue with citron, begin to dispel your anise note and delve into the properties of a very strong fragrance.

  • Background Notes

To conclude, it will give a guaiac wood scent to acquire its natural properties, with this slight note the perfume Giorgio Armani ArmaniCode by EDT closes with a flourish.

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