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Diptyque Paris is defined by being a very elegant company that offers perfumes of the same nature, having subtlety and smells exotic enough to stand out above the rest. Its design in jars also maintains the margin of elegance, so it is not surprising that it has been one of the products with the highest demand in Europe.

Dyptyque perfumes has a somewhat unusual audience and with great annual profits since these products are somewhat expensive for the average customer, despite this, at least 3 out of 10 Europeans enjoy the brand and are captivated by its splendid smells.

Among the best-selling perfumes are:

  1. UAE Capital

This product honors the Chypre family that was created in the year 1917 with them you can enjoy a sophisticated and unique scent for your wife, lover, girlfriend, sister or another woman to whom you have affection. Its composition is in:

Initial notes of freshly cut rose that will give you all the natural aroma you need to activate the senses of those close to you.

Heart notes of bergamot to give strong touch to its perfume and prevail against the fresh rose, since having this smell will not go unnoticed.

Base notes of patchouli where your presence will end with a rich and delicious aroma.

Having these three prime scents, you should only consider an extra or special note that would be:

Pink peppercorns to spice up its aroma.

  1. UAE Tempo

In this second presentation, the designer perfume brand Diptyque attracts masculine fragrances that have captivated a large audience; this perfume won the award for best aroma, contrast, duration, among others. Know its composition:

Initial notes of patchouli that will give it a sweet tone

Matte heart notes to give it a slight natural scent

Base notes of sage to give character and pressure to your perfume.

A special note with a violet scent for you to enjoy a flowery aroma.

  1. UAE Philosykos

The perfume is one of the most popular for its composition; it reminds nature, beautiful Greece with its culture and spicy touch to transport them back to the present, in its only 100 ml image in the philosykos you will have a sweet smell, bitter and woody.

Initial notes to fig leaves.

Heart notes to fig sap

Bottom notes to fig wood

A special note with a black pepper smell.

  1. Tamua UAE

In the perfume, you will be able to appreciate the oriental fragrances that honor all those lives lost in Hiroshima. Buy the product and have fresh, sweet smells that will remind you that after the storm comes calm.

Initial notes to sandalwood

Cedar Wood Heart Notes

Base notes of cypress.

A special note with coriander smells.


Dyptyque Paris And Its Dominance In The Market

The designer perfume brand Diptyque has a great dominance in the market, many of its products honor various events that happened in subsequent years, their fragrances vary depending on the scene, but in general, they give a sophisticated and very strong touch to your enjoyment.

As you could see, the perfumes have a special note that is characterized throughout its duration, it is strong but not so much to overshadow the other aromas, take advantage of this great product and get the most sophisticated perfume in Paris for the world.


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