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The Creed line of designer perfumes brings them products with strong, predominant smells, full of masculinity in all their splendor; the company manufactures men’s, women’s, and men’s perfumes with the best scents in the world.

Creed perfumes combines the scents of lavender, vanilla, lemon, and oriental aromas to give it a refreshing product, not only is its fragrance prominent in the theme, but it also has a very attractive design on its bottles, it shows that they have placed a heart and brain to make an example of your piece.

The perfume brand is very famous in London and part of Europe, although its shipments go from pole to pole, it is widely recognised by the general public and whoever has used it knows that its fragrance is so strong that it can last many days in her body.

Creed has another characteristic one in its line of designer perfumes; its presentations range from 50 ml to 500 ml in most of its products. It has the possibility of requesting a sample of aroma before its purchase to decide whether the leaflet is ideal for you.

One of the best Creed products is as follows:

Creed Aventus

This perfume was inspired by the smells of India, it prepares a beautifully sweet and spicy aroma, its aroma notes must be subtle, but they impregnate the skin in an unmatched way. Would you like to smell it? Well, ask for your sample on their website.

Creed Aventus have an unparalleled presentation; its bottle has four images in 50 ml up to 500 ml; it has a gradient between oranges, reds, and yellows, and a very elegant grayish cap to serve as an incentive for your boyfriend or husband.

Creed defines this perfume as the best in its masculine line; the reason is that its pungent aroma makes the masculinity of each man stand out. Captivate all those girls with this valuable perfume; they will fall in love with just smelling it, and don’t be surprised if you have an action-packed night.

The fragrance profile that Creed conserves in the Santal Original is defined by having warm smells. Still, with a strong and robust touch, the infusion inside its bottle is unique and powerful, start using it today and note that its changes in his day to day after having such a masculine scent.

The main notes of the perfume range from Sicilian lemon, Jamaican ginger, and orange, its acid smell will activate people’s senses and prepare them for a slightly warmer and more delicious aroma.

The middle notes are re-potentiated with blackberries, lavender, rosemary, and mint, since having this second aroma you will prevail over the rest, rich smells and softened enough to make your friends fall in love.

To complete the original Santal, it brings with it the basic notes that contain scents of Tonkin musk, ambergris, Virginia cedar, Mysore sandalwood, vanilla, and siam benzoin, most of these aromas are those that give it an Asian flavor in the perfume.

Knowing the most original prospect to give it a masculine touch, what more do you want? Buy your sample and know that it is a quality perfume dictated by the best company called Creed, do not spare time and money experimenting, just go to and buy products from renovators.

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