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The Christian Dior brand is made in honor of its creator, who was a highly successful French designer. This brand, like many perfumes, started with registration as a textile fashion house under the same name. History tells that the registration of the brand was made in 1946, and a year later, the perfumery.

Since 1947, perfumery operations began, and the Christian Dior brand is known to this day. The first perfume launched by this brand was designed for women titled as Miss Dior for women. All the essence of the perfume led to the implementation of green and mannered notes achieving almost immediate success in its launch.

Thanks to the history of the brand, many versions of perfumes are currently marketed worldwide. The brand’s first perfume is now known as Originale, showing a history of many decades of work. Thanks to the success of the Dior brand since it started, it opened its first house in New York in 1949.

Even after founder Christian Dior‘s death, the house has continued to implement many perfumes in honor of his effort. Many well-known perfumers have managed to make the brand successful with each new version they have released. In 1949 Christian Dior launched his second Diorama perfume, continuing to reap success by being sold each time in distant countries.

During the year 1953, a new Christian Dior brand perfume was released with the name EAU Fraiche. Later another perfume was launched that has been very famous with the name of Diorissimo in 1956. The history of this brand has not only been wrapped in spectacular clothing but also fragrances with unique scents.

Best Christian Dior Brand Perfumes Sold Today.

  1. For Men

– Dior Fahrenheit Cologne

It is a rich aroma of wood and leather that combines the essences of musk to show a charismatic man. On the other hand, it has basil, violet, and mint to give a better touch of softness to the fragrances. This perfume is practically sold on all four continents for its success.

– Dior Homme Sport

This is a fragrance created in 2005, but it was launched three years later. It is made of several presentations because, in 2012, a new version of the same fragrance was made. This fragrance smells a lot because it represents the active man who moves with great cunning.

  1. For Women.

– Diorella Dior

It went on the market in 1972, is a great classic until it is presented thanks to its great aroma. It is a fresh perfume with sweet aromas that detonate sensuality without appearing too pronounced, achieving a great balance.

– Diorissimo De Dior

It is from the floral olfactory family and is one of the first perfumes of the brand that came onto the market during the year of 1956. It is a combination of spring giving fresh but friendly touches.


There are too many fragrances that this brand has for both women and men, which makes it very interesting. At DESIGNER PERFUMES, you can find the best Christian Dior brands so that you can delight in each fragrance of the brand.

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