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Chloé is a brand that has been in the market for more than 60 years. This firm was created by Gaby Aghion. Since 1952 this brand has generated different fashions from the city of Paris, and currently, they are sold worldwide. The brand suffered a handover in 1985 when it was sold to RichemontGroup, making a complete change of it.

Chloé’s beginnings in the world of perfumes were in 1975, bearing the name of the firm. There are a wide variety of fragrances currently under this name, which has given the brand greater prestige. Thanks to the concepts of modern and young styles, this brand emits each fragrance with luxurious aromas.

There are 40 different perfume fragrances with which Chloé has become known around the world thanks to their success. Various perfumes are involved in the stories of the creation of each fragrance, managing to do a great job. Michel Almairac,, Carlos Benaim, ClementGavarry, AmandineClerc-Marie are just some of the perfumers who have collaborated with Chloe.

One of the most famous perfumes brought out by the brand has been Chloé Parfum since it is an important perfumer meeting. This perfume was created in collaboration with AmandineClerc-Marie and Michel Almairac, who reinvented a rose fragrance and other ingredients. This perfume is known thanks to the success it had for the brand in selling almost everywhere in the world.

The characteristic of Chloé Parfum before fragrance critics is that it is a light, silky, and intimate fragrance. Thanks to hard work, this perfumery still has a lot to offer the world giving new fragrances for women every year. There are other famous perfumes of the Chloé brand that you will discover throughout this content of the brand.

Most Known and Distributed Fragrances of the Chloe brand

Today the Chloé brand reaches four continents in terms of sales, placing various versions of perfumes for the general public. Chloé’s best-selling perfumes are:

– Chloeabsolu de parfum

It belonged to the Asian floral family and was created in honor of the brand’s tenth anniversary. It is very sensual, enveloping, and also very sophisticated perfume launched in 2017 to pay tribute to hard work. An elegant woman is a concept that the creator Michel Almairac used for his creation, being sold with great success.

– Chloé Eau de Parfum de Chloé.

This perfume had its launch in 2008 under a dynamic and effervescent concept. The current concept of this perfume is dedicated to sensual women who enjoy its elegance. Use peony flowers, freesia, lychee, rose, lily, and as if that were not enough, the use of magnolia to complement perfectly.

– Love Story Eau Sensuelle de Chloé

This perfume is made for spring; its launch was during the year 2017. Its aromas are from the floral olfactory family giving a happy but soft aroma for young and sensual women. The basic ingredients used for the fragrance were yuzu, lemon, orange blossom from the orange tree, and a touch of pear complimented everything.

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