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Chanel is a brand a great fashion house of French origin that was founded by designer Coco Chanel. Since 1910 Chanel has been known in fashion for the luxury items, it brings to the fashion market. Not only bags and cosmetics are known in the fashion world, but also all their perfumes.

The commercialization of Chanel perfumes began after the foundation of Parfums Chanel in 1924 by Pierre Wertheimer. All this was achieved under the collaboration of Coco Chanel, who had the idea of ​​selling and reproducing fragrances. Coco Chanel is a fragrance brand that has been located for almost a century in almost the entire planet.

Until now, the brand Chanel is still a fashion legend having one of the most famous perfumes. From a luxurious point of view, each fragrance of this brand inspires a phase of strict quality control. All the fragrances of this brand are elegant, which is why it reaches a considerable value in the market that is worth spending.

The raw materials used for perfumes are collected in the best markets to have the quality of everything. Perfumes for women are mostly known for having irises as facets within their main ingredients. More than 30 women’s perfumes have the brand of Chanel so you can choose.

This brand has always tried to preserve its heritage, so each perfume is a sample of hard work. There are soft and intense within this brand that is famous because they are all conservative and very elegant. Several fragrances can be taken into account in Chanel, so it will be difficult to name just some of them.

Most outstanding Chanel fragrances

– AllureSensuelle: It is a perfume whose characteristics are combined with overflowing sensuality. Its spicy notes are perfectly combined with sweet woods and flowers, giving a beautiful approach to captivate looks when using it. Of course, these are not its only ingredients; it also has frosty fruits and musk giving an inspiration of sensuality.

– Chanel N19 Poudre: It is an inspiration from the past that focuses on giving a reinterpretation of chi Chanel 19. This version of the perfume seeks to remember the retro past by captivating current fashion in a nostalgic context. This is a delicate and soft fragrance, which is why it has become one of the best sellers.

– Chanel Eau Tendre: This perfume is also part of the main lists thanks to its precise aroma. The elegance of this perfume is an answer for which Chanel is a brand that has grown for so long.

Having a good brand for over a century speaks to the great work done by different channel executives. Of course, within the perfume trends of Paris and the Chanel world, it stands out as a leading brand. The importance of this brand is shown by having high levels of sales in its fragrances being widely used.

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