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Byredo is a perfume brand that has become popular in recent years thanks to its acquired popularity. The history of this name comes from Ben Gorham’s years of career who owns the brand. The brief history of this creator says that his mother is of Indian origin while his father is Canadian.

Ben’s early experiences were focused on art, spending his youthful years in Toronto and New York. However, years later, he discovered his true passion when he had an encounter with the well-known perfumer Pierre Wulff. The admiration caused by the perfumer Wulff was so great that he abandoned art to devote himself to creating fragrances.

Now entering the Byredo brand, it can be seen that his work has been very inspiring. India is a country known for its unmatched spices and odors, and the history of each perfume is based there. This brand undoubtedly highlights oriental fragrances combined with Nordic minimalism, giving soft touches to each published presentation.

One thing that has made Byredo known is that the modern touch of its fragrances has been liked by customers. In 2006 this brand was born as a project that was inspired by a great dream of success. Although Ben Gorham does not have experience as a perfumer, he equipped himself with the best professionals to take out each of his fragrances.

Olivia Giacobetti is one of the perfumers who caught up with the Byredo project together with the well-known Jerome Epinette. Thanks to the fact that Ben’s olfactory desires have been very successful, this brand is on the way to almost everyone. He has been in major magazines like Vogue France, VanityFair, Fantasticman, and many other major magazines.

Olfactory approaches of some Byredo fragrances

Byredo perfumes show the combination of the memories of the creator of Indian fragrances. Some of the currently known fragrances are:

– Byredo 1996: This is a woody scent that was inspired by a photograph named Kristen 1996. This photograph was taken by Inez Van Lamsweerde, and VinoodhMatadin, and years later, it is inspiring a perfume. It has a leather and patchouli focus combined with black amber, juniper berries, and black pepper.

– ByredoAccordOud: Uses traditional incense, and its approach is made under a concept of ancient scripture cultures. Its combination of ingredients is blackberry, saffron, black plum, cinnamon, leather, and wood. Each of the ingredients bet a unique fusion.

– ByredoBalD’Afique: This fragrance is unisex and combines floral aromas with woody tones to combine. Unisex fragrances are quite complex to make. However, this is a perfect fragrance for both sexes for its ingredients. Cedar, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, violet, black amber, musk, vetiver, and other compound wood were used.

– ByredoFlowerhead: This is also a fragrance of known perfumes of this brand that represents their great work for years.

Byredo is a brand that has combined the art of its creator with the most splendid aromas of nature. You can get the entire byredo perfume catalog and its different scents on the DESIGNER PERFUMES website.

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