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You should know that perfumes, in general, are characterized in several ways; they can be perfume water, hard perfume, parfum, cologne, among others. Each type of perfume in a brand meets a key objective in the day as well as duration.

The Bvlgari designer perfume line is pleased to bring you more than four types of perfumes every special moment in your life, each one has a low cost, and they are tasty enough in the aroma that you will want to take them all.

Next, you will be shown the favorite perfume of the four types that the Bvlgari brand of Italian origin brings:

  • -Collezione Murano Amarena and Selima parfum

This type of designer perfume of the Bvlgari line is limited edition, has only 50 bottles and brings a composition between daisy and rose; its content is 100 ml and is used only by women.

Its aroma will give you a fresh and very sweet whole without counting that it will leave a smell of roses everywhere. Acquire your sample and consider your purchase.

This type of fragrance must be very durable; it is estimated that it can last up to 48 hours in your body. Its design is beautiful with shades of pink throughout the jar.

  • -Collezione Parfum Murano

Like the parfum amarena and Selima collection, the Murano is limited edition, about 50 bottles were made, its designer took inspiration from beautiful Venice and its aroma ranges from amber, incense, agar, etc. It gives a very elegant smell.

The size of its bottle is 100 ml. It is unique and exclusive for women so that it can be a unique gift in every sense of the word for his wife. Its smells are oriental and its intensity level is very sweet. This perfume has duration of 48 hours.

  • – Perfume water

Perfume water is what characterizes most of the products offered by Bvlgari, its duration is not very long, but if it is a perfect trigger if you are looking for very strong odors, this type of perfume brings two favorites that are:

Bvlgarl le gemme Amarena EDP, which has a single fragrance with smells such as tuberose and amarena. The design of its bottle is cup-shaped with black and pink hues. It has 100 ml in its only presentation and is ideal for a woman.

Bvlgarlgoldea “the Roman night” is characterized by three key scents: smells of orange petal, heart odors of vanilla, background smells of glass moss. This perfume comes in bottles of 50 or 100 ml, has floral scents and is exclusive for women.

  • -EAU de Toilette

This type of perfume is characterized by two things: sophisticated designs and a smell that can last all night, Bvgarl’s line of designer perfumes is proud to bring its best product:


Omnia Crystalline EDT:

The product has a peculiar design of two intercepted circles in the center, but that does not surprise you because it brings these incredible aromas:

  • exit smell: Nashi and bamboo.
  • Central smell: the lotus flower.
  • Background smell: raft wood

It is a unisex product; it has a long duration so you can use it throughout the day. It has a unique presentation of 65 ml and comes in two colors: gray and pink. Get your sample and enjoy your floral scents.

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