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Boadicea The Victorious is one of those designer perfumes that has two peculiar characteristics that are: excellent presentation and diverse smells. While this line preserves this, you can increase your annual sales immensely.

Each perfume of the Boadicea brand must be circular and with a unique design that will automatically make the customer think that it is an Asian product because it simulates the shape of a medallion.

Boadicea perfume contains the following odors depending on the product you take:

  • Orange Smells
  • Vanilla odors
  • Exotic
  • Citrus fruits
  • Cedar

The product comes in two unique sizes that are 50 ml and 100 ml, which are completely accessible and are currently very bought by men, although their line is also dedicated to women.

Boadicea Has The Most Expensive Perfume In London

The brand of designer perfumes Boadicea has in its prospects one of the most expensive perfumes in all of London and is called “The Legend” This product is completely pure, it has a pretty attractive display with which its buyers can delight.

With 100 ml in its image and an incredible circular shape having a statue on top, the victorious legend Boadicea maintains its price in London for more than 800 euros. Why the cost so high? Well, its composition has no equal, and you will be shown why:

  • Output: mandarin oranges, ylang-ylang, etc.
  • Heart: smells of jasmine, magnolia, violet.
  • Bottom: scents of cedarwood, vanilla, musk.

Each perfume “the legend” is of high intensity and duration, so it is worth investing that money and having that incredible smells of roses and other natural objects around your day.

Consider buying a “legend” from the designer perfume line of Boadicea and surprise her from the moment you see her picturesque bottle. Every time she uses this beautiful perfume, she will know that it was worth every euro invested.

Before buying the product, you may require a sample to determine if it is worth making such an investment. Boadicea brings a lot for you, get closer to one of its stores and notice how many rose smells it brings to you.

Boadicea And Its Unisex Line

It is not surprising that the great line of designer perfumes Boadicea The Victorious brings you products for both sexes, you can choose floral scents preserving masculinity or rough smells, but maintaining your femininity.

Among the unisex prospects that Boadicea brings the victory is the “Boadicea The Victorious explorer EDP” whose bottle has 50 ml of oriental, floral or rose scents in general, in the same way, the EDP is composed as follows:

  • Output: tangerine, galbanum smells
  • Heart: smells of pink and amber.
  • Bottom: smells of Ladan and cedarwood.

The only negative aspect of the Explorer EDP is that this designer perfume is perfume water, so its duration is not more than 12 hours or even less depending on the area where it is located, and the smell can easily dissipate.

Knowing that Boadicea brings you incredible perfumes for both sexes, you should only be encouraged and acquire the sample of your product after your purchase, it is worth saying that this article can be purchased online or by visiting one of its stores throughout London.

Be the master of the party in a matter of smell with Boadicea The Victorious, do not run out of your designer perfume.

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