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The international brand Amouage was founded in Oman in 1983; it is a luxury fragrance brand. This company is operated by Oman Perfurmery LLC, which is a subsidiary of the Omani SABCO group.

Amouage’s story

It was founded in 1983 at the request of the Sultanate of Oman; it is a brand of luxury fragrances recognized worldwide. It has fragrances for men and women created with the best ingredients on the market.

The Sultan of Oman wanted to restore the perfume culture with this creation. It all started when his Highness Sayyid Haman bin Hamound al-bu Said inspired by his dream of fueling the art of Arab perfumery, the Amouage brand emerged. For the inauguration of this brand, they decided to create Gold Perfume.

Location and Manufacturing

Amouage is a term derived from the Arabic expression amwaj, which means waving with the French amour. The perfumery where these fragrances are made was located in Seeb Muscat, where the company’s headquarters are located.

This brand produces niche perfumes; this means that they are exclusive fragrances, and there are even occasions that can be customized. Their bottles are unique and striking that makes them luxurious perfumes.

There are 21 stores of this brand, and you can find fragrances in different stores around the world. They produce 25,000 bottles every week at their factory in Muscat. This building is open to visitors.

Amouage fragrances

They have a large collection of fragrances, among which are:

  • Amouage Gold Women

This is a perfume with a delicious floral aroma special for luxurious and special nights. With this fragrance, you will be the sensation of any place; everyone will be delighted. It is composed of oils and natural essences that give it that lovely aroma.

It contains notes of Muguet, rose and incense that is mixed with the heart notes of iris, myrrh and jasmine. The base notes are musk, gray amber, sandalwood and cedar.

  • Ciel Woman

This fragrance has a fresh and floral aroma; it is based on a rain shower on a summer day. Mix the aroma of incense and wood that give it that soft and serene aroma.

The leaves of violet, gardenia and cyclamino are joined with the notes of pink heart, peach, water lily and jasmine. The base notes are musk, amber, sandalwood, incense and cedar.

  • Amouage Gold Man

It has a floral aroma for luxurious and special nights; men will feel radiant, unique, and irresistible. It has a unique formula with the best oils and essences on the market.

Its output notes are Rose, incense, and mughete that blend with the myrrh, jasmine and iris that make up the heart notes. The Amouage Gold Man has base notes of civet, gray amber, sandalwood, cedar, moss, and patchouli.

  • Honor Man

It is a perfume with a bright, radiant aroma with a woody and spaced touch. The memory of Madame Butterfly inspires it. It has notes of black pepper and pink pepper.

His heart notes are elemi, geranium and nutmeg, while the base notes are made up of cedar, patchouli, vetiver, incense, musk and tonka bean.

As you can see, they are unique and radiant aromas that will make you stand out on any occasion.

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